Our Pets

Arco Iris is pet friendly from every angle! We absolutely adore animals and have two pooches of our own – Feni the Labrador is five years old and manages to convert even the few who are scared of dogs into ardent animal lovers and Rafa is our temperamental, two year old rescued Beagle. We have also been adopted by a naughty ginger tomcat who refuses to leave our home.

Couple this with the hens that frequent our backyard and the cows that occasionally saunter in and you’ve got yourself an animal paradise!

Over the years, we’ve hosted numerous four-legged guests, much to Feni’s delight. She’s a very social dog (who enjoys photo shoots with our human and non-human guests as much as the next supermodel) and looks forward to making more furry friends!

Check out this little comic strip that appeared in the national pet magazine, Creature Companion, to see how Feni responded to her very first animal guest:

Rafa is a moody little sweetheart who prefers to keep to himself. Due to his troubled past, he’s taken over a year to become truly comfortable with us but is steadily coming into his own.