Our Team

Team Arco Iris is the super squad that works behind the scenes to make sure that your stay at Arco is as memorable as possible (for all the right reasons!).


Ratul, our cheerful manager, is the one ever eager to take care of our guests’ smallest needs. He whizzes around the house as if on invisible skates and is rarely spotted without a beaming smile on his face.

Priscilla is our resident master chef who whips up lip-smacking meals like nobody’s business. From lightly tossed Caesar salads to spicy Goan curries to jugs of chilled lemonade, she’s got you covered!

Mareth, our OCD housekeeper, is the one to applaud for the house being squeaky clean 24/7. We bet you’ve never come across someone as dedicated to making sure their domain is spic and span!

Nataline, our jovial housekeeper pops in everyday to make sure that everything is up to scratch and valiantly takes on the herculean task of maintaining the house up to the sparkling standards that our guests seem to love.

Ram, the most recent addition to Team Arco, is the one responsible for the upkeep of our sprawling gardens. The watering, weeding, sweeping and planting are all up to him and he does his job with pride.

Philip the electrician, Cyril the plumber and Chotu the carpenter collectively form the rest of Team Arco Iris. Everyone does their bit handsomely to ensure that Arco runs smoothly and our guests leave with happy memories.

To crown it all, there’s always Grandma Joyce, Arco’s entertainment in-charge with her genuine warmth and a bagful of anecdotes. You can bet that her narrations will keep you at the edge of your seat!